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Everything Your Business Needs

VANMETCO provides cost effective solutions for creating cloud based services that can be designed to be everything you need to reach customers without staffing an IT department. By using Linux servers, software licensing is free for popular web and database platforms like Apache, PHP, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. This means more attention can be given to allow your websites to be customer interactive and manage their information. Since the startup cost is minimal, your business can be perfectly poised to keep earning before ever needing to invest in the next level of IT platform. Instead, the focus can be on delivering value by lowering the need for expensive IT staff and infrastructure.

Paying for other services on the web just pushes your customers away from your own branding, to vendors who are focusing on a "One Size Fits All" approach, when really the true power of any company is how they connect their product or service to their customers. Add data rich capabilities to a website like interactive forms, order statuses, catalogs, customer inquiries, and file sharing to create a unique experience for your customer.

Build from scratch or enhance your existing website with the following services:

  • Web Server Setup and Development
  • Database Setup and Architecture
  • Integration to Back Office

Using results oriented approach with minimal cost footprint can be a game changer for a company with limited budget.

Reach your customers faster using VANMETCO!

Thank you,

Bill Van Meter
Arvada, Colorado
Phone: 303-726-3478